Better Alternatives to Quicken and Mint

When it comes to managing your personal finances, Quicken and Mint were there from the get-go. They paved the way to making handling finances easy for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Unfortunately, updates do not come fast enough for Quicken and Mint to meet the new demands of users nowadays. So here are other tools that may suit your taste.


YNAB stands for You Need A Budget. If you are working on a budget, this is the perfect tool for you. You key in all your expenses, according to category, and the money you want to allocate per expense. This way, you are able to keep track if you are overspending on something.


This tool is an awesome way to be mindful and prudent about your spending. It teaches you not to live from paycheck to paycheck, but to live based on your previous paycheck. This tool challenges you to use it for a month and follow it strictly. After that period of time, you will be able to get control of your life and your finances.



For Mac users, here is a tool that will help you take control of your money. Mac has put all the stops to this tool. You can enter all your financial information, from income to expenses to investments to loans to credit cards. The tool consolidates all the information so you can see the information on the dashboard.


You can also break down your expenses information. They introduced the idea of tags, not just categories, so you can see your total expenses for each tag. You can use this information to determine if you are overspending or if you are still working within your budget.


The tool is regularly updated and comes with a free trial. But if you want to continue using it, the tool costs USD 64.99. Other features have additional cost.


Personal Capital

What is great about Personal Capital is that it offers free tools to manage your finances. Their user-friendly dashboard helps you see your cash flow, your expenses, and your investments. What’s more, since the information is online, you can access your finances anytime, anywhere using your gadgets.


Another plus is that it offers financial advice on how to manage your investments. You can link all your investment accounts so you can see where you are at and financial advisors are on standby to help you grow your investments.

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