Main health insurance companies in the Netherlands

By law, all residents and employees in The Netherlands need to have health insurance. The minimum requirement is the basic or compulsory package. Because of this, a lot of companies offer different health insurance packages. Over time, these insurance companies have been bought, sold and/or merged with other companies.

Here is a partial list of the top guns in health insurance in the Netherlands.

Achmea Zorg

Achmea is one of, if not, the largest financial companies in the Netherlands. Their main business is in insurance. It has over 200 years of solid experience in the business. They provide B2B and B2C health insurance and non-life insurance policies. They have built their business through several mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

Agis Zorgverzekeringen

Agis Zorgverzekeringen is among the top 5 insurance companies in the Netherlands. Founded in 1827, its name is based on King Agis IV of Sparta. Agis embodies the social values enforced by King Agis IV during his reign, which is all about community spirit. In 2008, Agis Zorgverzekeringen joined hands with Achmea.

Amersfoortse Zorgverzekeringen

Amersfoortse Zorgverzekeringen provides B2B and B2C health insurance coverage. They offer products and services whether you are an employer, an employee, a freelancer or businessperson, a counselor, or a healthcare provider. They have been partners with ASR Insurance since 1997.


The CZ Group has been around since 1930. They serve more than 3 million policyholders in the Netherlands. In 2009, the CZ Group acquired Dutch health insurance company, Delta Lloyd. CZ offers the basic health insurance package and they also offer upgrades that includes dental insurance. They pride themselves in providing the best customer support in the industry.


Headquartered in Schiedam, DSW is small compared to the other big players in the market. They cater to over 550,000 insurers in the country. They may only offer limited packages but they always make it up by being the first to publish the premiums for the year.

Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen

Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen is one of the industry leaders in the field of insurance. Their edge is that they do not just provide healthcare insurance but also transport insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, accident insurance, mortgage insurance, and many others.

PNO Ziektekosten

PNO Ziektekosten acquired ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar in 2010 to expand their insurance coverage. They focus on offering insurance packages in the media. Servicing their insurers became fast and easy through their mobile app. They have one of the highest satisfaction ratings in the industry.

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