4 unique ways of making money online fast

There are so ways to earn money online. Many people already do online surveys and online freelance work, online selling. If these are not up your alley, maybe these not-so-common ways to earn a buck online are.

Stock photography

If you have an eye for what makes a good picture, this might catch your fancy. And you can make good money of it. Websites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock buy original photos from users, which they sell to whomever. As the photographer, you get paid royalties each time your photographs are sold. The variety of shots needed is vast. But these are not your usual snapshots. They should be professional photographer level and edited professionally.


If you are the artistic kind and have various artworks or designs, you can sell them on platforms like Society6, 20×200, or Redbubble. These print-on-demand platforms allow artists to get their art out and be noticed. They accept low-volume orders from customers to print anything on everything, and your design may be on them. That is why this industry is slowly gaining ground because they offer customized products.

UX Tester

Because of the growing demand for websites and mobile app programs, developers need web and app testers to check if the website or app is working as it should. Web testers may be asked to check on the links, ease of use, and security issues. Ditto for app testers. Some platforms require testers to send a video of the actual testing. The job usually pays USD 10 per testing.

Online gambling

While earning money from gambling online cannot be considered as a regular-paying gig, it is undoubtedly an entertaining one. Another consideration about online gambling is you have to check the legal regulations and requirements in your own country. Many people don’t really earn money from gambling but some have, depending on the games you play online. When gambling, you have to set limits for yourself and set expectations from the game. Gambling games can be based on luck or based on skill to win. One fun, luck-based game is mobile scratch cards. Very similar to physical scratch cards, when you play online scratch cards they reveal if you win something or not. To play online, you need to register and create an account on the website, as well as deposit the minimum amount required by the site.

Before you embark on any online gig, make sure you check the terms and conditions of the job or platform. You also need to watch out for fraudulent employers who won’t pay you for your time.

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